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What are you not saying?

One of the most inspirational women in my life is exceptional woman called Brigit. She facilitated two woodland retreats I attended in 2017 and 2018 that were fundamental to my personal growth and connection to nature.

Brigit shares her authentic, empowering and deeply touching words on her Instagram page on @brigitannamcneill.

Here is a piece she shared this week which really touched me.

I hope it speaks to you, too.

Peace and blessings,



What do you need to say that you are not saying.

What truth lies heavy in your heart, your guts, your bones.

Do the words and feelings that have been suffocated inside you; silence your heart and irritate your flesh, your mind.

How can your soul, your body know, that you stand by yourself, when you bite and eat each word of truth that try’s to be born on your tongue.

I do not know your story, I do not know how you have been oppressed, made to feel worthless, less than, afraid.

But I can see your heart struggling, your mind battling, with the weight of truth you swallow back down each day.

Perhaps you can begin with just yourself, letting yourself form words of truth when alone, but not alone, with the trees, the plants, the earth or the swirling sea.

Taste the shape of it, learn how it feels, when let lose from your throat.

Speak to rock, root and bird. Tenderly whisper to your heart, mind, womb and gut. Acknowledge your truth as it rises, greet it as the guide you have been waiting for; write, create ceremony, laugh, cry, rage, dance and sit.

And when the words, the feelings, sit comfortably upon your flesh, your tongue. Hold your own hand, and moment by moment, step by step learn to bring your truth out into the world; relieving your spine from the weight of it.

Image: Journey Within


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