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Journey Within believe every woman holds a wisdom and intuition in her being. However, in a society where we are socialised to serve and nurture others first, we can become disconnected from this thread of wisdom and forget that we also need to pour the same nurturing into our physical, psychological and spiritual self.


This is why I offer women with nurturing and nourishing spaces to be heard, be seen, cultivate the foundations of wellbeing by establishing a mindful practise of self regulation & self compassion. 

Whole women create authentic, deeply intimate and nourishing connections with their family, friends and community.



Journey Within offers therapeutic services for women in warm and nurturing spaces.

Suad Ahmed

Founder | Director | Therapist (MBACP) | Facilitator 

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Salaam! My name is Suad, Journey Within was a passion project brought to life during a sabbatical break from my Housing sector job in 2019.

Journey Within was born from my own experience of being held, affirmed and supported by circles of women in retreats, sharing circles and workshops.  In those circles, I began a journey back into my own self, to nurture my inner child, heal old wounds and grow my inner mother and nurturer. I began the journey of dialing down external noise and really tuning into my inner voice, allowing me to meet my most tender self, to embody self compassion, unconditional love and patience.  

Alongside my experience of healing and nurturing, I was aware of being the 'only one';  The only black woman and/or  the only Muslim woman.  I know, just like me,  women of colour need safe spaces to BE, heal and grow with other women without the need to explain, educate or police their language. My intention is for Journey Within to be an accessible space for all women of colour to bring their whole self. 

Peace and blessings to you, 




Formal Education and Experience

 Certificate in Fundamentals of Bodylistening (2022)
Certificate in Integrative Embodied Psychotherapy (2021)
PGDip  in Counselling and Psychotherapy (2016)
BSc in Psychology (2010)

14 years of supporting vulnerable people using recovery focused approaches in residential and community settings including: mental health crisis, Homelessness, specialist women's services and Talking Therapies.
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