The workshops at Journey Within are a supportive environment to sit in a  circle of women.



The full and half day workshops are a real Self Care gift! Leave behind responsibilities, To Do lists and spend time being present with yourself and other women.
Fundamentally the workshops offers psychological education, tools and skills to learn how to connect with yourself, your body and be the woman you want to be in your life. 
One of the most empowering parts of the workshops is sitting in a circle of women, who speak with authenticity, honesty and vulnerability. We learn we are not alone, our feelings and thoughts are shared by others. In that sacred sharing of our stories we are healed, held and empowered. 
Previous workshops have explored:
- Compassionate Relationships: Mindful  &compassionate approach to cultivating relationships with self and others 
- Menstrual cycle Awareness for holistic wellbeing
- Gratitude practise for well-being
- Self Care for Women
- Resilience Amidst Challenging Times: surviving, growing and thriving with inevitable hardship
-Building Your Sanctuary: A practical guide to cultivate nurturing psychological and physical spaces 

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