Post therapy Session Self Care

Coming to therapy can be a workout for your mental and emotional self as well as your nervous system. You may leave your therapy session feeling anything from upbeat, grounded or relieved to drained and sad. 

This is a normal part of healing process, it is vital to support yourself after the sessions to aid your healing.

Speak to your Therapist

In the first couple of sessions, I will talk about the process of therapy with a new client (as will most therapist), and mention how it can be challenging at times. This is to prepare us for the journey ahead, so if you're finding yourself struggling after your sessions, speak to your therapist about this and they will support you. They will make various suggestions such as making adjustments in the sessions and coming up with a personalised plan with you.

Coming up with a personalised self care routine will not only be helpful for the therapy journey, it can also be useful in your 'normal' life, when times are stressful or you have a challenging day, you can use this plan as a guide to take care of your self.


After some sessions I am can be left with some emotions, especially after an heavier session and find I need to create a mental and physical break to allow me to continue with my day.

This is easier if you see your therapist in person as you will be leaving the physical environment at the end of the session and getting fresh air outdoors on your onward journey. But if you are having your therapy session at home then it takes an extra thought/ effort to make this energetic shift. I invite my clients to open the window to get fresh air into the room, go for a walk outdoors or and move into a different space to replicate this.

Take a moment after the session to pause and be gentle with getting straight back into chores, work, life, taking care of children etc etc because this temptation can be strong if you are at home.

Honour themselves and your feelings by having a moment (anything from 5 minutes to 30 minutes) to acknowledge whats present with you, shift the energy through movement/stretching/shaking out/dancing, maybe journal any thoughts/feelings/reflections/affirmations then mindfully continue on their day.

I had a client who would do some hoovering as she found the body movement and the noise soothing and grounding.

I enjoy making a warm drink and having a mindful few minutes holding the cup in my hand, feeling the warmth in the palm of my hands, smelling the aroma and enjoying the taste.

Plan a nourishing activity post session

Dance, go or a walk, have a coffee or some physical chores , have a nap, call a friend, watch an episode of a show that you enjoy. Pray, meditate, and the list can go on. Make space for some grace by gifting yourself this time.

Gentleness and Patience

Showing up in session week after week is an emotional workout, Similar to going to the gym. be patient with yourself and the process, that is also part of the learning and rewiring of the nervous system.

Treat yourself as if you were beloved friend going through this process, what advise would you give them? what would you encourage them to do? What kind words would you offer them? you deserve that love and patience.

Containing the work within the session

Doing home practise/homework is a great tool to support your therapeutic journey. However trying to do processing work alone in addition to the therapy can be overwhelming. Sitting with the discomfort is not a 24/7 job!

At times it may be helpful to focus on the homework and spend time doing other activities which will be equally healing. Inviting playfulness and joy into your healing process is often overlooked. So do the fun stuff; have a day out, plan your perfect day and actually do it! Treat yourself to a meal or an experience you've always been curious about, go to a theme park, go out for a bike ride or have a karaoke night with friends. Whatever resonates with you - Now is the time for lightness and fun!

Peace and blessing,